the custom design process: making a rose cut diamond eternity band

Leonard got in touch about making a modern rose cut diamond eternity band. He wanted it bezel set in platinum for his fiance, Yolanda, who had previously ordered a wedding band for Leonard through us. Here is what we came up with for the 3D render:     With our custom design process, the

Yonatan's guide on how to choose a diamond.

don’t get screwed by diamond industry propaganda – our 4 pro tips to getting the perfect diamond

What's harder than a diamond? Buying one. No worries, Jonathan's here to break it down for you and get you the sparkliest diamond for your buck without any of the BS. We will use the diamond industry system of Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat to break down the aspects of a


the custom design process: making a men’s platinum wedding band

Yolanda got in touch about making an hebrew "I Am My Beloved And My Beloved Is Mine" ring for her fiance, Leonard. She wanted it in platinum with raised letters, a brushed texture in the middle of the ring and a polished rim framing it. Here is what we came up


a creative thinking exercise

I stumbled upon this creative thinking exercise that is both interesting and extremely tangentially related to diamonds which makes it apt to share: Nature doesn’t care if patterns are creative or destructive.  What matters to nature is the way things self organize, the way they cooperate to form coherent patterns.  When


the emerald innamorata

inamorata. noun. A woman with whom one is in love or has an intimate romantic relationship. Origin of inamorata. Italian , feminine of innamorato.   Cool. Let’s get into the vibes of the innamorata ring and watch this Dean Martin clip of him singing Innamorata, because I also never heard that word

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