the custom ring design process: a monogrammed pinky signet ring dotted with a diamond

Nicole came to us wanting a special ring for her first mother's day - a pinky signet ring with her son's initials that would be something she could pass on to him later. We were honored to take on such a special project and excited to dig in! First step


the custom ring design process: rose gold + pink morganite + diamonds = DUH!

Marcos' wife lost her engagement ring and he came to us looking for a new ring for her to wear. He wanted a 1-2ct morganite set in rose gold and small diamonds in as many places as possible on the setting. He sent us some inspiration images and his budget. Both


the custom design process: winged diamond earrings

Baruch came to us wanting beautiful custom earrings as a present for his daughter's graduation. He sent us some inspiration images and his budget. Here's the 3D render we came up with for him:     With our custom design process, the client gets infinite revisions on the 3D model until the piece


the custom engagement ring design process: diamond in the rough

Kasen loved this rough diamond twig ring but wanted to change a couple of things. First and formost he wanted to make sure the twigs would never get snagged on anything. He wanted to add a subtle hammered texture at the top prongs and have prongs that sweep out slightly


the custom engagement ring design process: a purple gold dragon ring

Pamela wanted to design something completely unique for her fiance’s wedding band. She knew he loves dragons and wanted something with premium materials. After further brainstorming with her she decided she wanted a purple dragon inlayed flush all the way around a platinum band, with a black diamond in the

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