the emerald innamorata

inamorata. noun. A woman with whom one is in love or has an intimate romantic relationship. Origin of inamorata. Italian , feminine of innamorato.


Cool. Let’s get into the vibes of the innamorata ring and watch this Dean Martin clip of him singing Innamorata, because I also never heard that word before.

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 4.08.43 PM

Now, the emerald innamorata. This ring is actually inspired by my mother in law, a most charming and beautiful woman, and I’m not just saying that because she’s probably reading! While my top rings are the matriarch and the dynasty, because I’m Russian and loud and want as much bang for my bling as possible – my mother in law is an Israeli farm girl turned pilot’s wife who blends both worlds with startlingl grace and great taste.


This ring is her favorite of the collection. Why? I guess emerald cut diamonds are like the synonym to elegance and class, and this is basically emeralds on emeralds on emeralds (on emeralds and emeralds.)

Like this ring and my mother in law, let’s keep it sweet and simple. If you want to make her your sweet heart, you’re one and only sweet heart… check out this ring in Yellow, White and Rose Gold or Platinum. Dean Martin serenade not included.

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