the custom engagement ring design process: making her say duh with a spiraling diamond ring

Evan came to us wanting a multi layer spiraling 14k gold ring and a brilliant cut round diamond.

Here is what we came up with for the 3D render:


These were his notes:

1. I know you said that 1.5MM is as small a diameter as you think is wise. But given that her hand is so small, and the ring is so small, do you think the 1.5mm looks too wide? Can we do something like 1.2mm diameter?
2. I’m also worried that the overall width of 15.7mm will be too wide, if we come down in diameter to 1.2 or so, we will save 1.5mm + moving them together a tiny bit may give a little more room. Basically I’m worried that she wont be able to close her fist! haha! maybe making the rings come together a bit more at the bottom of the ring than at the top may help too!
3. Do you think this is the optimal way to set the stone? Or if it was set more solitare like, would it  sparkle more? so that light can stream through it a bit?

We give the client infinite revisions on the 3D render – we didn’t have to do that quite many, but close ­čśë

After going every detail, here’s the final render we came up with for Evan:

And here’s how the ring looked after printing, casting, polishing and setting the stone!




Now that is a stunning, DUH worthy diamond engagement ring!
The proposal story is incredible: Evan’s girlfriend is a radiologist. He scheduled a scan and brought in a plate with metal writing that said, “Will you marry me?” He closed the deal with this ring!
Evan came back to us a couple months later to get a matching wedding band that perfectly fit the curve of his custom engagement ring. We set a tiny diamond in it for fun. Here’s the 3D render.


They are getting married this week and we can’t wait to see pictures! Congratulations, Evan!

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