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the custom design process: reproduction of an antique flower ring

Blake’s girlfriend had fallen in love with an antique ruby flower ring they had seen in a museum. Given that it was not available anywhere for sale, he came to us with the pictures and asked to replicate the custom engagement ring design to propose to his fiance. His request was to match the design identically with small rubies surrounding a diamond in the same proportions. He was also looking to match the type of setting, but the material would be 14k white gold instead of the pictured yellow gold.

Instead of doing a 3D render, we hand carved a wax to perfectly capture the organic feel of the designs in the band. Once Blake approved of the images of the wax, we went to set it in 14k gold and cast the 6 ruby baguettes and diamond center stone.

We were able to get the ring just perfect and Blake’s fiance is so thrilled to have ring just like the one she fell in love with at the museum.
antiqueFlowerRingWaxWithRubiesWhiteGoldFinishedAnother day, another DUH!

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