People often come to us wanting a completely custom, unique engagement ring that they can’t find anywhere else. The way our custom design process works is we create a 3d render or hand carved wax of your vision, depending on what would be best for the design. You get infinite revisions on the model until the piece is exactly as you want it. Then we cast it in the metal of your choice and set the stones. Typical turn around is 6-8 weeks, though more for complex, unique designs or materials. Below you’ll find examples of our process for a completely custom ring, a modification of a design and a reproduction.


what they wanted

Kasen loved this rough diamond twig ring but wanted to change a couple of things. First and formost he wanted to make sure the twigs would never get snagged on anything. He wanted to add a subtle hammered texture at the top prongs and have prongs that sweep out slightly wider than the stone, and wrap up just a little over the top of it. Here are the inspiration images he sent.

inspo2 inspo1

how we made it

We chose a 0.61ct VVS1 rough diamond for Kasen. After many revisions we got the texture and shape just as Kasen wanted. We ended up making the band in the 3d design but hand carved the prongs so they fit perfectly over the diamond.





Kasen’s now fiance LOVES the ring. The texture tuned out perfectly with a subtle hammer on the snag free twigs beautifully holding the stunningly clear rough diamond.